Decode: Galatians

A Bible Study experience for High School and university students

A Bible Study experience

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registration opens: July 1

Why Choose Decode?

It's more than a book study, it's a meeting with God and family. It's a life changing experience.


21-hours exploring a single book of the bible.


We don't just read the bible, we spend time understanding and applying it using Inductive Study Methods.


All denominations, gathered around one book to learn about our one God.


Break time activities: from games and crafts to prayer ministry, reflection and worship

October 14 - 17, 2022 | $7,500


Decode is for upper-high school and university students who would like to deepen their connection with God through scripture.

In 21-hours we take a deep look at one book of the bible. Think of it as a multi-cultural trip. As a group we enter the book and the culture it was written in. We meet its people, the local church, the struggles and truths the book addresses, and listen to how Jesus spoke to the community through it and how He is speaking to us now.


Bible, notebook, pens / pencils, coloured pens/ pencils


Try to have an attitude of listening and learning from God as He speaks to us in His Scriptures and from one another as we engage with God in his Word together 

We don't believe it's only experts who can engage well with the Scriptures! With an open-hearted attitude we are all in a better place to be shaped by the Lord through his Word, growing together with others. We are in a better position to faithfully answer God’s call for us.  

Virtual: Our tech team will send you a link to join your small-group's WhatsApp group and participate in all sessions the day before camp. Make sure you join your group before our first session begins.