We Believe Students can LEAD

We want to equip high school students to be great leaders in their communities.  Using biblically saturated teaching, interactive workshops, and hands-on learning experiences our courses and conferences anchors leadership in sound character, growing competence, and good communication.

Our LEADership Programmes

We offer two opportunities to develop as leaders annually. Students can either participate in a 6-week course or our 5-day overnight conference. Read on for more.

ISCF Virtual Background

LEAD Course

Spend 6-weeks in our online course learning the fundamentals of leadership. We cover all the essentials from building a new team and vision casting to the importance of rest and succession planning.


LEAD Conference

Boost your leadership skills at our 5-day conference.  Explore the components of leadership through a variety of teaching sessions and workshops. Partner with student leaders islandwide in developing solutions for your group.

LEAD Conference | December 27- 31 , 2022 | $10,000

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LEAD Course Testimonials

"The sessions and activities were well planned out, though it seemed overwhelming at times to attend all of them. The time in my small group: I am really going to miss the fellowship, the heart-probing conversations, and getting to find out things about myself and how I'm like others. The mentors were awesome! Finally, the content was like GOLD. It was so good."
"Definitely the Inductive Bible Study Method that was broken down to me by my Mentors indeed amazing. My Mentors dedication to helping us understand the things we didn't quite comprehend in mass meetings such as Bible Studies or even personal time devotionals."

LEAD Conference Testimonials

"Very informative, I learned a lot"
"The Conference was amazing. I was given the opportunity to enhance my hands-on skills as a leader and the worship sessions truly blessed my heart ten thousand times."
"Make it 7 days😁"

All Our Programmes Include:


Leadership 101

Growing in your understanding of servant leadership and developing skills and strategies to lead effectively is at the core of LEAD. Our interactive training style will help you learn about yourself and grow in your understanding of teamwork, group dynamics and managing challenging behaviour. You will be trained in child and youth development, how to engage and draw people in from off the sidelines, and restorative practices. 


One on Ones

This is a chance for mentors to spend time with you, talking about life and what you are experiencing at LEAD. The LEAD staff will be there to support, encourage and challenge you as you grow in your faith and as a leader.



Bible Study

We believe the Bible is God’s gift to us. Through it, we know who God is and we are given everything needed for a life of godliness. We believe all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the child of God may be effective, so we spend time studying it. As we read, we find encouragement, hope, instructions and most of all we find God.


Room Group Discussions

We start our mornings and end our days together. This is a chance for you to lead your room group in devotions and discussions on relevant topics or to recap what was covered in earlier sessions like the role of character in leadership. These discussions will help you learn valuable facilitation skills.